Kash on The Benny Show: Narrative Control Mechanisms Collapsing on Social Media
Kash joins The Benny Johnson Show to discuss how narrative control mechanisms are collapsing on social media. Read More.
Prophets and Patriots: Episode 36 with Kash Patel and Steve Shultz
Kash discusses the latest revelation about our nation, speaks the truth behind current events, and encourages the saints to boldly stand together. Read More.
Kash Patel Pushes Back Against Mainstream Media's Lies
Kash called in to Bannon's War Room today to talk about what the Republicans must do when they win back the House of Representatives. Read More.
Kash's Response to the Danchenko Acquittal
Check out this clip from the October 21st, 2022 episode of Kash’s Corner: Durham Blasts FBI Corruption Despite Danchenko Acquittal. Read More.
No Evidence John Durham Will Bring More Charges
Andrew McCarthy says the problem with John Durham losing both cases is the media will now say the John Durham report isn’t reliable because he lost both cases. Read More.
Mel K & Kash Patel: The Two Tiered Justice System Exposed
Kash joins The Mel K Show as a special guest to discuss how the two tiered justice system has been exposed. Read More.
MG Show: A Conversion with Kash Patel
A Conversation with Kash - MG Show Season 4 Episode 166 Read More.
Kash Reacts To The Igor Danchenko Verdict
Real America’s Voice Contributor, Kash Patel, joins John and Amanda with his reaction to the jury finding Igor Danchenko not guilty on all counts. Read More.
Kash: AG Garland Is Preventing Durham from Bringing Charges Against Top FBI Agents
FOC Show: The Coordinated Plan to Take Down the President | Kash Patel and Clay Clark - Economic Update Read More.
The Gateway Pundit Interviews Kash at Save America Rally
The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson interviews Kash Patel at Save America Rally In Arizona. Read More.
DurhamWatch Thread USA v. Danchenko - Daily Update
Everything you need to know about the trial being run by special counsel John Durham Read More.
Kash Interviews Country Music Star John Rich
Real America’s Voice contributor Kash Patel interviews Country Music Star John Rich about life, patriotism, and the jump to independence from the music industry with his #1 hit Progress that released on TRUTH Social and Rumble earlier this year. Read More.
Kash Explains John Durham‘s Case Against Danchenko
Kash joins The Charlie Kirk show to discuss the Igor Danchenko case. Read More.

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