Kash and John Rich Singing “The Plot Against The King”
Watch Kash and John Rich sing the brand new “The Plot Against The King” song. Read More.
Kash Drops A Prediction On The John Durham Case: Why Did The FBI Do It?
Real America's Voice contributor Kash Patel provides a Durham-Danchenko case update. Read More.
Igor Y. Danchenko Regarding Disputed Jury Instructions (Doc 107)
Special Counsel John H. Durham, submits this brief pursuant to the Court’s Trial Order to state its objections to the following instructions proposed by the Defendant. Read More.
Igor Y. Danchenko Regarding Disputed Jury Instructions (Doc 106)
Igor Danchenko submits the following argument regarding disputed jury instructions Read More.
Kash and Ric Grenell Speak at Trump Arizona Rally
Kash Patel and Richard Grenell speak to the crowd at the Save America Trump rally in Mesa, Arizona October 9, 2022. Read More.
Kash Launches 2,000 Mules Book At MAGA Castle!
Kash tells Real America's Voice correspondent April Moss about partnering with BRAVE Books to share about historical events through medieval parables in his book, “The Plot Against The King: 2,000 Mules” Read More.
Kash Spells Out the Significance of the Igor Danchenko Story
Kash joins the Dinesh D'Souza Podcast to discuss the significance of the Igor Danchenko story and what it reveals about the FBI. Read More.
Kash on America First: Government Gangsters and the Deep State
Sebastian talks to Kash about his new children's book about the plot against President Trump, and how the thugs at the Deep State are retaliating against whistleblowers. Read More.
USA v. Igor Danchenko Motion to Admit Three Cases of Misconduct by Danchenko
The government has filed an omnibus Motion in Limine [Doc. No. 78] (the “Motion”), seeking to admit (1) three instances of uncharged conduct by Defendant Igor Y. Danchenko Read More.
Kash on Outside the Beltway: Corrupt DOJ and FBI Can't Indict Trump
Kash joins "Outside The Beltway with John Fredericks" on Real America's Voice to discuss why the corrupt DOJ and FBI can't indict Trump. Read More.
Defendant Igor Danchenko’s Motion in Limine to Limit the Testimony of Charles Dolan
Defendant Igor Danchenko, by and through counsel, respectfully submits this Motion in Limine to preclude evidence, testimony, or argument that Charles Dolan jokingly and baselessly speculated that Igor Danchenko may have been associated with the Russian government. Read More.
Defendant Igor Danchenko’s Motions in Limine to Exclude Evidence or Argument that Mr. Danchenko Provided False Statements Through Concealment or Omission
Defendant Igor Danchenko requests that the Court exclude the Special Counsel from presenting certain irrelevant, unduly prejudicial, misleading, and confusing evidence Read More.
Defendant Igor Danchenko’s Motion in Limine to Introduce Public Statements Published and Adopted by the United States
Defendant Igor Danchenko, by and through counsel, moves in limine to admit statements the Government made in publicly available guidance and training material posted on official Government websites to advise witnesses about how to testify and answer questions. Read More.
Bannon's War Room: The Plot Against the King, Watermelon Heads, and the Truth
Steve and I recently sat down to talk about my new book Plot Against the King, Watermelon Head Schiff and much more... Read More.

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