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Kash on Dark to Light with Frank and Beanz

By: Kash Patel | Source: Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz

Kash joins Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz to drop a ton of info on the Biden docs as well as the Special Counsel assigned to the case.

Government Gangster Hur Stonewalled Nunes Russiagate Investigation

By: Team Kash | Source:

Special Counsel Hur, the DOJ staffer who was just named by Merrick Garland as Special Counsel to investigate the Biden classified docs, attempted to stop the Nunes memo from revealing the fraud within the federal government revolving around Russiagate.

Kash Patel's deposition before the J6 Committee

By: U.S. House of Representatives | Source: Fight with Kash

Transcript of Kash Patel deposition before the J6 Committee...

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